We Ship world wide! All of our packages are sent in a plain box  for your privacy. Q: What is MegaToke?

A: MegaToke is a very discreet device , That enables the user to use their  favorite herbs and smoke them on the go.

Q: Is MegaToke unique?

A: It sure is in addition to using The MegaToke On the go, you can use it on any  of your favorite 14mm and 18mm water pipes.

 Q:  Are There any benefits to using The MegaToke device?

A: There sure are , Its a great way to smoke your herbs very discreetly ,   It also is a great way to smoke your favorite herbs butane free!

In addition The fact that this can be used in a water pipe  will make your smoke more enjoyable .  The water removes some of the herbs Chemicals that are in the water .

 Q: Does the MegaToke come with a warranty  ?

A: Yes we offer a 30 day warranty   on the internal parts. Please note there are no returns or cancellations of orders.

Q: Can I smoke oil or dabs in this device?

A: The MegaToke V2 is for Dry herb only,


A: The Megatoke XL is for dry Herb And Concentrates ..

 Q: Is the MegaToke easy  to clean?

A: It sure is all of the parts on the MegaToke device come apart for very easy cleaning.

 Q: what does The MegaToke come with ?

A: This device includes, The actual Megatoke unit.
2 heating coils,   A  Mouth Piece , A rubber gasket, And a cleaning brush, Comes with Efest Rechargeable  Battery and a Efest smart Battery charger…… The complete kit…
Instructions And a gift box.

Q: Is Megatoke a vaporiser ?

A: No its combustion and produces smoke and no vapor.


Fact We Ship world wide! All of our packages are sent in a plain box  for your privacy.