about us

At Megatoke our mission is to deliver unique high quality ,user friendly products. We are always looking to improve the product market by introducing new and exciting, high quality items at an affordable price. At MegaToke we care about our Customers.

Yets Innovations INC. (“Seller”) agrees to sell merchandise to buyer Contingent upon the Buyer’s promise that the merchandise will be used in the strictest accordance with the laws of all applicable states and jurisdictions.

We Ship world wide! All of our packages are sent in a plain box for your privacy. MegaToke was created in 2015 . Our goal is to provide the user /customer with superb high quality products that are built to last. We have built the MegaToke TM Product And believe you will really enjoy using it …. Follow Us on Instagram@MegatokebyyetsMegaToke AKA Yets Innovations Inc. Is located in Chicago. We can be emailed atinfo@megatoke.com